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Currents in the Pharmacy Knowledge and you will LearningAsma El-Magboub, Ian S

Currents in the Pharmacy Knowledge and you will LearningAsma El-Magboub, Ian S

Haworth, Brian T. Sutch, Rebecca M. Romero Objectives To evaluate faculty-led discussion meetings (with about eight students) conducted face-to-face (in-class) or by synchronous, real-time videoconference (online), in a biopharmaceutics course taught in a facilitated problem-based learning (PBL) format. Methods Three methods were used to compare in-class versus online discussion sessions for two semesters. The first method involved three parameters that measured the quality of interactions between faculty (facilitator) and student (Fc–St), participation of students in the discussions (Par), and student–student interactions (St–St). The second method assessed student’s perceptions of the discussions with surveys. The third method mapped the interactions (a sociogram) between faculty (facilitator) and students in a discussion. Results There were significantly lower scores for Par and St–St (P < 0.05)>

Biological plans and you can pharmacology away from curcumin

Publication ChapterAsma Este-Magboub ,Pornchai Rojsitthisak, Chawanphat Muangnoi, Wisut Wichitnithad, Rebecca M. Romero, Ian S Haworth Curcumin is the biggest element of brand new yellow color of turmeric, a keen Indian spice that’s extracted from this new rhizome of your own exotic bush Curcuma longa, hence is one of the Zingiberaceae family relations. Within part, we talk about the pharmacological situations out-of curcumin and talk about the newest unit basics for those things. I up coming comment brand new demonstrated and you can potential clinical uses off curcumin. Curcumin is well known typically just like the a therapeutic agent, but its process off action try in depth. The fresh pharmacological ramifications of curcumin be seemingly the result of a good synergism out of channels out of weakened biochemical interactions which have multiple physical aim for the interrelated signaling pathways. These types of targets were minerals such cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and you can proteins kinases, and transcription circumstances such as for instance NF-?B, STAT and you will Nrf2. Modulation of them particles affects downstream affectors which make this new antiinflammatory, anti-oxidant, chemopreventive, anticancer, and you will antimicrobial points from curcumin. These consequences had been tested during the logical samples from curcumin having soreness and you can inflammatory disease, disease, Alzheimer condition, aerobic illness, and diabetes. The newest trials used changeable doses away from curcuminwith some other frequencies and stage, to the general achievement one high dosage out of curcumin during the level of grams have to get therapeutic consequences. Read more

Curcumin: Synthesis, Emerging Character inside the Soreness Government and you will Health Effects

Publication Chapter Types of plant-derived pharmaceuticals that have become the attract from carried on and exponential search and you will creativity focus has actually, yet, come slightly scarce. Shortly after several years, the very last 2 decades was indeed characterized by a good 100-flex escalation in the number of medical stuff blogged a-year one was off benefits into accessibility curcumin during the biomedicine. Find out more

Design, synthesis and you can physical affairs out-of curcumin prodrugs

Guide ChapterAsma Este-Magboub ,Pornchai Rojsitthisak, Chawanphat Muangnoi, Wisut Wichitnithad, Rebecca Meters. Romero, Ian S Haworth Curcumin has some potential pharmacological consequences and can even have therapeutic software in lots of problem says, as the chatted about in more detail in the last part. not, the potential medical effectiveness out-of curcumin is bound by the the physicochemical features out-of bad drinking water Guatemalansk kvinder dating solubility and you may imbalance, and that trigger lower bioavailability. Prodrugs from curcumin provide an approach to improve of biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic services, and may also make it exploitation of one’s pharmacological effects of curcumin. Within this part, i earliest review the fresh physicochemical and you may pharmacokinetics off curcumin. We following explain the design of curcumin prodrugs that have increased liquids solubility and improved chemicals balance which can be translated back once again to 100 % free curcumin up on bioactivation during the vivo. I stress present achievements here, which have a concentrate on the framework, synthesis and you can evaluation from prodrugs centered on promoieties plus proteins, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, dicarboxylic acids, and you may polymeric materials such as for instance hyaluronic acidic and you may polyethylene glycol. It part has the cause for optimisation of your physicochemical and you can biopharmaceutical features plus the physical products out of curcumin prodrugs, on the mission using of them curcumin types during the logical programs. Find out more

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